Mitchell Thorpe Bio

Mitchell Thorpe is currently 22yrs old (2022) and recently signed a professional contract with Karate Combat.

He is a black belt in Wado-Ryu karate and in his previous point scoring career racked up a bronze & silver medal in the u21 European “All Styles” Championships and a silver medal at the u21 World “All Styles” Championships.

He was also ranked Number 1 in the World in 2018 in the u21 -75kg category.

He made the transition into full contact as he is hungry for a bit more than point scoring and enjoys the physicality/MMA aspects of Karate Combat.

He is training hard and dedicating his time to fulfil his future in becoming a champion and being a name that will be remembered!

You can view his first Karate Combat bout here:

Insta - @mitchellthorpe1