Glen Weinstein Bio

Glen Weinstein Bio

Lower back pain specialist and kettlebell trainer - We should all strive for pain free movement and the enjoyment of an athletic endeavour that excites us. With my help and guidance, both are possible.

Over the 10 years of my career I have niched down into three areas within this industry, lower back pain (certified with the McGill method), kettlebell training and pre/post natal training.

I have worked with professional athletes in the Premier League, and mixed martial arts as well as amateur sportsmen in rugby, golf and mix martial arts. I have also worked in the general population in all manner of athletic endeavours and injury rehabilitation. My diplomas in nutrition have always helped to assist my clients goals and health concerns.

I have spent my life training for and competing in a multitude of different sports which has greatly benefited my clients as I am always able to draw on first hand knowledge and experience as well as science led research into building the best training programs for them.

Most recently I have spent time on the mats learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which is an exciting and engaging practice that I hope to pursue for the rest of my life. The way BJJ combines thought and athleticism is a unique and addictive process that I have fallen in love with.

Movement is my passion and making people stronger and more capable is my honour.

Insta - @thekb6ix