Eoghan Chelmiah Bio

Eoghan is a 25 year old (2022) Karateka from the Republic of Ireland, training in the style of Wado-Ryu since the age of 4.

He is currently the Bantamweight (-61kg) Karate Combat World Champion with a professional record of 3-0-0 (2 ko's)

Despite success in other combat sports, Eoghan’s heart has always been in karate, and although getting the chance to enter the world of professional karate was a leap into the unknown, it has been an exciting and rewarding experience.

A culmination of 20 years of hard work and dedication, starting off competing in sports halls and venues in Carlow to having fights broadcast worldwide on Eurosport and CBS Sport, Eoghan’s journey has certainly been an example to all young martial artists of what one can achieve with consistency, perseverance, and an indomitable spirit.

Eoghan is also a PhD research student, studying machine learning and signal processing techniques for predictive maintenance of electric motors.

He graduated from the institute of Technology, Carlow with a first class honours degree in Electronic Systems Engineering.

Career Achievements

8 World and European Karate titles in WKC, IKU and WUKF

European Lightweight and Open weight Sanbon & Ippon Kumite WKC Champion

32 World and European medals in WKC, WKF, IKU, CIKA and WUKF

2 National senior boxing titles in Featherweight & Lightweight divisions

23 Karate National titles

3 Taekwondo titles

Over 70 International Gold medals

MMA record of 6-4, representing Ireland at World & European IMMAF Championships.